February 11, 2005


Buzzflash today leads with an explosive story claiming a GOP "reporter" using the pseudonym "Jeff Gannon" and linked to US military porn sites has been admitted to White House briefings for the past two years:
Gannon resigned late Tuesday amid a flurry of accusations about his professional credentials and links to the Republican Party....

liberal bloggers allege that Gannon is, in fact, James "J.D." Guckert, and that Web sites such as hotmilitarystud.com, militaryescorts.com, and militaryescorts4m.com, are registered to the same owner as Gannon's Web site, jeffgannon.com.

All the sites are down and not accessible.

Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz told CNN on Wednesday that the liberal bloggers may have gone "too far" in investigating Gannon's personal life in the weeks since he asked a question at a presidential press conference that included criticism of Senate Democrats and, thereby, attracted national attention.

But John Aravosis, who operates the AMERICAblog Web site, where the allegations about Gannon are summarized, said in response to Kurtz that his probe of Gannon was motivated by "the family values hypocrisy."

He also condemned him regarding the outing of Valerie Plame. According to the Washington Post, Gannon's name was among those of journalists targeted for questioning by the federal prosecutors investigating the White House leak of an internal CIA memo that named former U.S. ambassador and Iraq war critic Joseph Wilson's wife as a covert CIA agent...

Aravosis also questioned why the White House, with the country at war, would allow almost daily access to press briefings to someone using a pseudonym. "Isn't that a national security threat?" he said.
Follow the developing story here at AmericaBLOG.

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