September 08, 2008

Thank You

Preliminary Business.

There was a time, long ago, when I used to hope that this little blog might get some recognition. That's not why I was blogging, of course, but I used to hope that one day all my efforts might perchance be rewarded with some public recognition, which might make it easier for me to keep blogging against Bush. And if I could make a few bucks out of it, so much the better.

I dont think I was being too egocentric. All I've ever wanted to do was save the world. Or to put it another way, take care of my wife and family, which includes making the world a better place for my kids and (one day, hopefully) grandchildren to live in.

The public recognition never happened, of course. But never mind. The message that I was preaching (along with so many thousands of others) slowly worked its way into the public consciousness, and George W. Bush will now be remembered forever as the sack of shit that he always was. That's what really matters. That's the real reward, right there.

Nevertheless I am pleased to see that SOMEBODY - by the unlikely name of Patdhiver - has just nominated this blog for a Bloggers Choice award. And not just one award, but two! Yes, not just Best Political Blog (move over, Josh Marshall!) but actually - even! - Best Blog Evuh! Tee hee! Move over, all you cute animal blogs!

Of course, these blogger awards are just a curious study in the failed short-term attention spans and mindless distractions of the celebrity-obsessed human race. But what I really appreciate here is being nominated along with great bloggers like Winter Patriot, Chris Floyd and Larissa Alexandrova. That is high praise indeed, and all the thanks I need. So thank you, Pat D. Hiver, wherever you may be (I think I can guess, but I could be totally wrong).

And thanks also to everybody "else" - including WP, Bukko and other regulars - who have supported me. The truth is there for anyone who cares to look.

OK. Business is now adjourned.

Winter has a good post today looking at the weirdness of our current political discourse. And that is pretty much why I am not blogging much any more. If you cannot even say that the Bush administration is full of criminals, and the 911 official story is full of holes, and the anthrax killer is still at large - if you cannot say these things and build a system of belief on them - which you cannot, because you simply do not have the facts to prove them conclusively, however much circumstantial evidence you may gather together - then you will find it very difficult to present a credible world view and hold a loyal audience.

As WP points out, Chris Floyd is lately doing a good job of it. I am not. Never mind.

Sometimes it's like tag team wrestling. One blogger flops to the canvas, injured or exhausted. Another jumps into the ring. So it goes.

So it goes.

But this is not showbiz, this is not orchestrated, this is not a cynical exercise in exploiting public gullibility for profit. Quite the opposite, in fact. This is the truth laid bare, for all who have the curiosity to seek it out. This is reality, if you can handle it. These are the horrible facts, make of them what you will.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

If you don't want to post so much, you could always go around leaving comments on other peoples' blogs. It's the blog equivalent to quickie sex at a brothel. Without the cost. Or the ickyness. Not that I'd know anything about that.

Pat Hiver said...


but you only got one vote so far ...

Go vote for yourself, will ya?

then you'll have two.

gandhi said...

Bukko, I saw going to say something about the value of readers and esp. commenters in building up this anti-Bush consensus ... but ICBB! LOL

Pat, thanks again mate. But seriously, I am no longer interested in "winning" these silly polls. It's the thought that counts, thanks!

gandhi said...

saw = was

Pat Hiver said...

it's not about winning. fuzzy little animals are gonna win. it's about getting more than one vote. ;-)

seriously: you completely rock and thank you once again for all this hard and excellent work.


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