September 09, 2008

McCain's Crazy Attack Bitch

According to yesterday's New York Times, Sarah Palin kept her pregnancy a secret because she was distressed about baby Trig being diagnosed pre-natally with Downs Syndrome:
She also feared a public backlash over the pregnancy. So she kept working, even travelling to Texas a month before her due date, to give a speech.

On the day of that speech, Ms Palin began discharging amniotic fluid. She went ahead and gave the speech anyway, before returning to Alaska – a 10-hour flight.

"Nobody knew a thing," Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii told The New York Times. "I only found out from my security detail on the way home that she had gone into labour and that she had gone home to Alaska."

Trig Paxson Van Palin was born early next morning, weighing 6lb 2oz.
Is this a credible story? Can she produce medical records to confirm the pregnancy? Ultrasounds? Anything? There are rumors that the baby was actually delivered by her daughter, and Palin covered up for her. I don't really give a shit if that's true or not, but this story doesn't pass my smell test and the lady's credibility is already shot.

I mean, what sort of mother doesn't take more care than that with the delivery of her baby? Back at work after THREE DAYS? Who was taking care of the baby? Who is taking care of the baby now? Her daughter? Or a Philippine maid? Would Sarah Palin still be anti-abortion if she had to actually take care of this kid herself? Are these family values we can believe in, my friends?

Here are some Palin family names explained:
*Track, 19, named after the lake where his father fishes.

*Bristol, 17, named after Bristol Bay – where her mother wants to create a huge mine.

*Willow, 14, inspired by willow ptarmigan, Alaska's state bird.

*Piper, 7, bears the same name as the family plane.

*Trig, 4 months – Trig is Norse for "brave victory".
Branding your kids as symbols of your own political ambition? That's beyond creepy - that's sick.

Palin is a total whacko. She makes Michael Jackson look normal. Rightwing US voters might love her for now (despite how little they know about her) but the rest of the world just looks on in drop-jaw amazement:
“To paraphrase Martin Luther King, today we could say: “I had a nightmare,” wrote Lysiane Gagnon, of La Presse, a French speaking daily newspaper of Montreal. ”Worst is that this nightmare seems realistic, taking into account the age and the health of John McCain.”
Can you imagine this woman in a televised VP debate against Joe Biden??? Of course US politics is all a theatrical charade these days, but Palin's nomination takes it to a new low.

If President McCain died and Palin took over, who would really be running the US government? Why don't those people step out of the shadows and put themselves on the ballot?

I'll tell you why.

Because Dick Cheney is not allowed to run for VP again.

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