December 02, 2008

UK Becomes A Hotbed OF Terrorism


Bukko_in_Australia said...

G, I thought of you when I read this sentence near the end of a piece on this lightweight party boy who's had his chequered path gilded for him just because he's the son of Melbiurne's beloved cross-dresser. Perhaps you already read the story about how he's been inappropriately chosen as the figurehead for a fake-Aussie edition of some Pommie toff-mag.

"There are few charming Tories, modern libertarians or even clubbable nostalgics amongst the ranks of demented foamers and pretend populists who make up most of our Liberal-leaning commentariat. A less-imaginative, more political, more locally aware editor...might simply have raided the most professional of Teh Australian's past opinion writers..."

OK, they didn't actually write "teh." Demented foamers, though -- that's a great phrase!

It made me think of your struggle to make money from your writing. Perhaps what you need to do is set up a sham conservative identity! Think of it as deep parody, a political gender-bending performance art project. You could present right-wing ideas with more logic than most people who actually believe in that shit. Do it for a few years and perhaps you could land a sweet deal like Dame Edna's little possum has. THEN you'd make money from writing!

Sorry if this is not dark enough for where you're at. But it's Sunday, I have the day off, it's sunny and not too bloody hot. Life seems good at the moment. Might as well focus on that instead of the sewage that's backed up to the world's waist level and is still rising...

gandhi said...

Tks Bukko LOL etc.


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