June 06, 2003


That's right. And... I am going to tell you. Is this the best website in the world or WHAT?!?!

He is in Russia. Remember just a few days before the Americans Humvee-ed into the heart of Baghdad, there was an "incident" where US troops opened fire on a "delegation" leaving the Russian Embassy? Amid much diplomatic confusion and embarrassment, the Russians were permitted to continue on their way and even afforded an apology. They were, they said, on their way out of the country before the US began their final assault.

Of course, most people don't know this because even if they did hear about it on TV, none of the networks got good pictures. Of course, even if they HAD, the spooks would probably have taken them away. Imagine footage of US soldiers raking a Russian diplomatic envoy with gunfire - now that would have RATED! But anyway... If you did hear about it, you probably dismissed it as an isolated incident in the whole crappo media blitzo.

But if you think about it for a little while, it does seem like the most plausible option. The Russians opposed the War (apparently they were owed millions for loans granted to Saddam during the US embargo). They were humiliated and pissed at W. Busho. Doesn't it make sense? Especially if Saddam came with oodles of money etc etc etc...

Now here is an interesting little piece in the English Spectator magazine:


Seems the leader of a small, autonomous (that's important) Russian republic is a devoted fan of Saddam...

You heard it here first! :-)


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