December 07, 2003

The End Is Nigh... Really!

You could spend a week just thinking about the implications of this one line in the preface to the revised edition of Hubbert's Peak:

"The year 2000 very likely will stand as the year of greatest oil production."

Production fell in '01 and '02, and looks likely to fall again in '03. The zenith of the Oil Age may have already passed.

What will happen when production slows? By most accounts, a "bidding war" will erupt for the remaining supplies.

But what does that mean, in real terms? We, the rich, will be able to bid top dollar, while the poor will have no oil, no transport, no production capacity. No work. No money. No food. What will happen then? Put yourself in THEIR shoes and think about it... What would you do? Would you attack? Go feral? Terrorize? Or watch your family die quietly?

Now put yourself in Dick Cheney's shoes. He was privvy to this information a decade ago. Does that justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? I think not.

It's time Western governments started telling the truth to voters, and it's time voters started demanding universal (global) equality and justice.

Why don't our governments discuss these major problems? Because they think we are too stupid to deal with it, or because the corporate powers-that-be want to maintain their influence on the decision-making process without interference from idealistic do-gooders?

What kind of world do YOU want to live in?

Create it today.


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