December 07, 2003

Truth is, we’re terrorized because we’re hated

Psalm 33: “A king is not saved by his mighty army. "

Robert Bowman flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam. Now a Christian minister, he writes:

"Mr. President, you did not tell the American people the truth about why we are the targets of terrorism when you explained why we bombed Afghanistan and Sudan. You said that we are a target because we stand for democracy, freedom and human rights in the world. Nonsense!

"We are the target of terrorists because, in much of the world, our government stands for dictatorship, bondage and human exploitation. We are the target of terrorists because we are hated. And we are hated because our government has done hateful things.

"If deceptions about terrorism go unchallenged, then the threat will continue until it destroys us."


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