March 16, 2005

Bush & Co: Thieves, Liars And Murderers

It's bad enough that Halliburton charged US taxpayers millions in excess fees. It's worse that the Bush administration hid the figures in the leadup to the November 2 election last year. But now these guys are popping off whistleblowers:
The US contractor working on the project repeatedly warned the taskforce that a Lebanese middleman involved in the deal might be giving kickbacks to Iraqi Defence Ministry officials. But US military officials did not act on the contractor's pleas for tighter financial controls.

"If we proceed down the road we are currently on, there will be serious legal issues that will land us all in jail," the contractor, Dale Stoffel, wrote on November 30.

Eight days later, Stoffel was shot dead in an ambush near Baghdad. The killing is being investigated by the FBI.

Since then, US military officials have kept working with the middleman, Raymond Zayna...

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