March 30, 2009

Big Pharma Has 1 in 10 US Kids on Ritalin

Life: A medical condition
If you look at the American Psychiatric Association 'bible', you'll see almost every piece of human behaviour can be classified as being in some way aberrant."


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Ritalin is great shit! Adderall (a pharma combo of speed AND meth!) is even better. Makes me feel like my brain is going 200 KPH. I've never been tempted to divert downers from the stock of wherever I'm working -- I don't need to be more relaxed -- but those uppers! Mate, they are too tempting. Alas, too rarely prescribed for the target population I deal with. Keeps me honest...

Stop Murdoch said...

I like this quote from Alan Clements' book 'Instinct for Freedom: Finding liberation through living':

"I believe that depression is the unavoidable consequence of feeling deeply. The world is often a scary place. It can be utterly overwhelming to open our hearts and feel what's going on in and around us. So it is incredibly important to realize that depression is not only good news along the journey of awakening, it may well be a necessity. This has certainly been true for everyone I know and respect.

I am increasingly convinced that what is usually diagnosed as depression, however, is really the awakening of existential authenticity. It should never be treated as a psychological flaw or character problem to be corrected. If properly understood and worked with, depression, with its intense feelings of hopelessness and despair, can become the genesis for greatness and the doorway into the treasures of a creative, uncompromised life. The first step with any depression is to immediately hear it as a natural call to embrace one's humanness, the natural beauty of ourselves as we are - hurting, crying, feeling defeated."


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