February 05, 2007

Blood And Oil

As the Iraq Oil Law negotiations continue, the US government appears united on the way forward:
"They've got to pass an oil law. They've got to amend their constitution so that all segments of that society feel that the government is for them," Bush said Saturday at an issues conference in Williamsburg, Va., to applause from House Democrats in attendance.
Interestingly, most Americans now think President George W. Bush invaded Iraq at least partly because of its oil.

The question is, are US citizens prepared to force their government to walk away from that oil? Or will they turn a blind eye to the continued suffering of the Iraqi people, complicitly condoning this wholesale thievery?

If so, they will be sorely disappointed in the long run. The thing is: that oil will NOT be going directly into the tanks of SUVs across the USA. It will be going into the hands of corporate Big Oil, who will ensure US citizens pay a high price for it indeed.

Like I said before, Bush may nominally be the captain of TEAM USA, but he is not really on your team. He is winking to his buddies in the corporate boxes. The game is fixed. You are all being screwed.

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