February 11, 2007

Cheney By Numbers

Cheney is way, way out of control. This post from Daily Kos is just a good attempt at gauging how far gone the Veep is...
The OVP has been out of compliance with executive orders on the classification of sensitive national security information for several years. During that time, they've been inventing their own classification system (and spending taxpayer money for official-looking stamps bearing this fake classification). And now the Vice President's former top aide is on trial in federal court, offering as a defense for his role in the burning of a critical nuclear nonproliferation asset the excuse that the Vice President personally authorized the declassification of sensitive information.

All the while, not reporting it, or complying with any of the presidential mandate covering the secure handling of sensitive national security information.

They still arrest people for that, don't they?
I think this will prove to be yet another case where the Blogosphere drives the MSM reporting. But I just wonder if the 2008-focussed blogosphere is up to the job?

Maybe I should have called this blog CheneyOut?

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