February 07, 2007

How Have The Mighty Fallen? Slowly.

What sort of man refuses to testify in his own defence?
Mr. Fitzgerald’s voice turned suddenly abrupt, when he asked: “Isn’t it a fact that you told Ari Fleischer the information about Ms. Wilson was hush hush and on the q.t.”

Mr. Libby’s voice seemed to have lost much of its strength as he replied: “I don’t recall.”
Wimp. Pussy. Girly-man. Etc.

Meanwhile, Paul Bremer says he threw money out the window so the USA would not get into "real trouble". Has he seen the news lately?
Bremer argued that a number of the accounting problems were actually due to the fact that "we had no idea" how hobbled the economy and infrastructure had been in Saddam's Iraq. "It's a fair question to ask why we didn't know more about how run-down the economy was. They were focused on the WMDs, though we didn't get that right, either."

He also faulted pre-war planning, and said he did not have anywhere near enough staff to do the job: "If we'd been focused on the basis of a plan, we would have been more in touch with reality" from the first.

But Bremer has backed the Bush administration's proposal to send more troops to Iraq.
And an investigation into the Dept Homeland Security is being stalled by Dick Cheney's son-in-law.

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