April 15, 2004

Bush Holds Press Conference, Says Nothing

It was nothing but more of the same, yet it made headlines around the world anyway. Everybody knows the White House has made huge mistakes in their planning and execution of the War, not to mention 9/11, yet still Bush refuses to acknowledge them or apologize. I loved this quote, when asked what was his biggest mistake in Iraq:

"I'm sure something will pop into my head in a minute... I don't want to sound like I've made no mistakes; I'm confident I have. Maybe I'm not as quick... as quick on my feet as I should be, in coming up with one."

Maybe I'm just a spoiled, arrogant son of a #$%*& and I don't give a #$@&.

Bush used the tired old line about those who are against the War must wish Saddam was still in power. Interestingly, an increasing number of Iraqis seem to be saying just that. As the Washington Dispatch points out: "On average the Hussein regime resulted in 9,600 civilian deaths a year while Bush's occupation has led to 10,700 civilian deaths in its only year thus far. "

Bush said he will send as many troops as necessary to maintain US control of Iraq, a policy which contradicts Rumsfeld's long-term insistence that the army must be slimmed down. The neo-cons originally said 30,000 troops would be enough to secure the country. There are currently 130,000, with 10,000 more on order from God knows where. 20,000 more who were due to be rotated home will be staying on indefinitely. Again, there was no admission of error.

And Bush still could not say to whom "Iraqi soveriegnty" will be handed on June 30th.

Meanwhile, televised footage of the increasingly partisan and acrimonious 9/11 hearings is beginning to look a lot like the Nixonian Church Committee hearings...


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