January 06, 2005

Bush & Co: Politicizing Tsunami Relief

Bush the multimillionaire contributes a mere $US10,000 from his personal fortune (estimated at over $17million) to tsunami aid - and then his White House spokesman boasts about it???

Meanwhile Aussie PM John Howard - who knows a vote-winner when he see it - has boosted Australia's pledge to $1billion, but insists the funds cannot be channelled through the UN:
"We are still a world of nation-states, and a disaster of this magnitude drives that fact home because it's only nation-states that have the assets at their disposal to provide assistance."
Exactly the point. Since it's inception, the UN has been underfunded and hampered by self-interested squabbling. Now the warmongers in Bush's USA, Australia and Britain are turning disaster relief for tsunami vitims into an opportunity to further sideline the UN.

A weakened UN is in nobody's best interests. Well, nobody except Bush and his Fascist friends.

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