January 28, 2005

Naomi Klein Gets It

Coming from a business background, Naomi Klein has a better understanding than most about what Bush & Co are about. She is not just angry but also extremely eloquent. Oh, and good looking... Hmmn, sounds like a political career ahead?

AlterNet has a great interview. For example:
The Democrats didn't fully understand that the success of Karl Rove's party is really a success in branding. Identity branding is something that the corporate world has understood for some time now. They're not selling a product; they're selling a desired identity, an aspirational identity of the people who consume their product...

So what the Republican Party has done is that it has co-branded with other powerful brands — like country music, and NASCAR, and church going, and this larger proud-to-be-a-redneck identity. Policy is pretty low on the agenda, in terms of why people identify as Republicans. They identify with these packets of attributes.

This means a couple of things. One, it means people are not swayed by policy debates. But more importantly, when George Bush's policies are attacked, rather than being dissuaded from being Republicans, Republicans feel attacked personally — because it's your politics. Republicanism has merged with their identity. That has happened because of the successful application of the principles of identity branding.
Explains a lot of the crap on the blogosphere, doesn't it?

What I like about Klein is her passionate idealism. It's trendy to scoff at idealism as tantamount to utopianism and therefore unrealistic, but this world needs a very heavy dose of idealism these days.

Klein's anger is also pretty good. For example:
I believe that Kerry's campaign was utterly morally bankrupt and I blame the Kerry campaign for the total impunity that the Bush administration is now enjoying.
Read the full interview here.


Ros said...

Ghandi, I have heard about you and you might say from you via Sarah Boxer. It is clear that you are indifferent to the harm you may do, and filled with self righteous zeal. Why don't you let yopur friend Sarah know that you have to use other Iraqi sites to try and be heard.
it is so tiring constantly hearing the Bush is bad from the left. You are an interesting lot. The suggestion that Europe is Kantian and US Hobbesian, but Europe can only remain Kantian as long as the US is Hobbesian.
I give an additional version, so many of the left advocate the European Kantian approach, but absolutely believe that the US perspective on the world, ie Hobbesian is the real one.
I cannot be bothered reading your tortured tale, but I do have a question for you, if the brothers were getting financial assistance from right wing groups, I have absolutely no idea about that, on what moral criteria do you declare them immoral. What is that makes you so sure of your right to judge others, (dare they be right wing) and risk their lives on the alter of your moral greed.
I am assuming that you got the boot because you were trolling, but I notice that was not something you shared with Sarah. Unlikely of course that she would actually have known what you were talking about.
If it is so cool to be idealistic and insufferable to scoff at it, then stop sneering at Bush's idealism. Share that with your friend Sarah as well. After all lets face it, your 15 seconds of fame was off the back of the brothers, nobody would know you otherwise. And they had the hide to disagree with you about their own countries history. Sarah probably would have been a good one to discuss history with.
There is a danger Ghandi that you just look small minded and spiteful. If it makes you unhappy to get this then don't troll Iraqthemodel via other sites.

Rachel in London said...

Hi Gandhi, Ros is a comparatively recent arrival and so knows everything already; none of us can tell her anything. She doesn't like me either. Perhaps, in time, her somnolent critical faculties will awake.


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