January 24, 2005

Iraq The Model: Fraud Rumours Persist

Tex at Antiwar.com has a good look at the blame game being used by those criticising reports that the Fadhil brothers at Iraq The Model are not all they claim to be:
In the time-honored method of cowards and low-lifes everywhere, you were looking for someone on whom to pin the blame when these guys get killed, just like you'll do and have done with every other miserable, predictable consequence in this murderous war.

If any of you had any decency, you'd arrange for these guys to take refuge in the Green Zone, at least. I really hope you already did that and arranged for a phalanx of bodyguards to follow them everywhere, but I doubt you did. Because you're all too busy pretending your fantasy Iraq really exists.
Tex suggests this blame game could be a prelude to excuses from Bush & Co. if the USA is forced to pull out of Iraq.

Martini Republic also takes another dip into the waters of the Iraq The Model debate, quoting the antiwar.com piece.

I am working on a full exposure of Iraq The Model's ties to Spirit of America and Cyber Century Forum. More soon...

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Arancaytar said...

I am moderately ashamed to say that I am worrying about Riverbend more than ITM - not because I like her blog better, but rather because, other things being equal, you are more at risk in a warzone if you happen to write something that the invader does not like than you are if you write something that the invader likes.

Then again, that's foolish, because the Bush administration has shown time and time again that they care little about those useful fools that support them. Move 'em around like pawns, if one falls, there's more where that came from... :(


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