January 03, 2005

Sorry For Not Blogging Lately

My father, who is recovering from cancer, has developed pneumonia in both lungs and a debilitating nervous disorder called Guillan-Barré syndrome (plus a viral infection). I have spent the past week in the hospital.

I note that someone called DebbieK posted a lame response to my allegations against Iraq The Model. Basically just re-hashing the propaganda on the Web links I provided. I will repsond in more detail when I can. In the meantime I am pleased to note that others continue to pressure the Fadhil brothers for answers. For example:
Omar, I have no interest in what one considers 'the other half of the picture'. For one, you are suggesting that your views comprise 50% of the story, nd thta events are in stasis which ain't the case. Your's is a minority view in Iraq if I look at all the other Iraqi blogs. So minority you got to meet Bush. (I hope you gave him pretzels as a gift)Plus you are pitching basically exclusively to the US, not Iraqi's. God knows why they are more important an audience to you than your own people at this time, but, that IS your call.

What I AM interested is an aproximate overall reality being honestly reflected so that I know what is going on - not what others want me to know. So I have a diet of various news sources and I make up my own mind about things. I come here to see how right winger American's interpret events - definately not for news.

Nevertheless, I accept your agenda as it is your blog.

Please, can we have your half of Gandi's half of the picture on the CIA/ITM/SoA/CCF/etc conspiracy accusations? Because something is half missing there.
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Happy New Year to all and may 2005 be a damned sight better than 2004!

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