June 23, 2005

Do you want to know the Truth?

Some hard-hitting articles courtesy of Information Clearing House today.

First, a great piece by Robert Steinback in the Miami Herald:
Do you want to know? That's the only popular division that matters in the United States today: Those who want to determine once and for all if President Bush knowingly 'fixed the facts' regarding Iraq, thereby misleading Congress and the American people into supporting an unnecessary war, and those who will cover their ears and hum loudly in order to maintain their belief that Bush and his advisors remain above reproach.

You're in one camp or the other. Either you want to know if you've been lied to, or you don't.

The American public is inching tentatively toward a reckoning unlike any this nation has ever experienced.
From Paul Craig Roberts at Counterpunch:
Bush's Iraq war is the first war for which Americans have not known the reason. The reasons they were given by their president, vice president, secretary of defense, national security advisor, secretary of state, and the sycophantic media were nothing but a pack of lies.

The top secret British government memos leaked to a reporter at the London Sunday Times make it completely clear that prior to the invasion President Bush knew that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction.

The memos make it completely clear that Saddam Hussein had no responsibility whatsoever for the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The memos make completely clear that the British government regarded the invasion of Iraq as a war crime. The memos show the British government scrambling to find some way of creating "cover" in order to obfuscate the illegality of the invasion that Prime Minister Tony Blair had promised Bush to support.
Roberts also lashes out at the "frightening insanity at the center of the Bush administration":
The neocons assured Americans that the war in Iraq would be a cakewalk over in three weeks!

The neocons told us that only 70,000 troops were needed to bring Iraq to heel!

Neocons fired the top generals who had truthfully told Congress that several hundred thousand troops, at least, would be needed!

Neocons told Congress that Iraqi oil would pay for the invasion and that America did not have to worry about the cost! So far that is a $300 billion mistake.

And Bush has retained and promoted these morons!

No one has been held accountable for this enormous disaster...

Will President Bush ever tell us the real reason why he committed America's treasure, the lives of American soldiers and the reputation of our country to war in Iraq?

Does he even know?
As Anwar Hussein suggests, it's time to dust off the Nuremberg files. Also from ICH, retired US Air Force colonel Sam Gardiner discusses how the Bush Administration is using Psychological Warfare against the U.S.A.. He reminds us of some other Bush lies about the Iraq War, lies that seem to have been widely forgotten lately:
A New York Times reporter was told by the Administration that Iraq was buying excess quantities of atropine to get ready for chemical warfare. It turns out the quantities were consistent with the Iraq use of the substance for routing medical purposes.

The President told us in a speech in Ohio that Iraq had drone aircraft that could possible deliver chemical weapons into the United States. When that facility was found, the officers reported that it looked more like a school project than a serious military program.

The Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz told the Council on Foreign Relations that Iraq had the capability to attack US computers. They did not.

We were lead to believe a Navy pilot shot down during the first Gulf War was alive and being held in Baghdad. He was not.

We were told on the State Department web sit that Iraq was forming units of children to fight the United States. Iraq did not do that.

We were told the French were supplying air defense missiles to Iraq. That was not true...
Then there was the Jessica Lynch story, of course. And Gardiner mentions yet another illegal dimension to the war:
Most people don't know but the military is the only profession where it is illegal to lie. It is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for an officer to tell a lie. There were some officers who violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice as they marketed for the Administration.
It's great to hear the growing tone of confidence (and growing outrage) in these articles. At a time when polls show Bush's popularity plummeting to around 40% - and 59% of Americans now against the Iraq War - this perceptible shift in attitude suggests that people are starting to feel confident that Bush can be defeated, if not actually impeached and jailed.

That's the first step towards making it happen.

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olivia said...

"The American public is inching tentatively toward a reckoning unlike any this nation has ever experienced."

Very ominous words, but those following this story can sense something ... we're on the brink of something ... what that something is though, is what worries me.

It could be the beginning of the end of this nightmare, or it could herald something we haven't even the imagination to conjure (as they attempt to diffuse or distract).

I'm not optimistic yet. I'm downright terrified. But I agree with you, in that there are more and more people talking and writing about it and it has to be building toward something.


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