April 03, 2009

How Many Miami Condo Owners Voted For Bush?

U.S. property bust threatens condo death spiral
"Everything is not going to look as nice," said Housen, a property broker.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

It was a Miami Beach condominium where I first got my taste for the luxury lifestyle. I was not poor in the late 80s, but I was basically a middle-class journo who traveled in rural circles. When I met the woman who was to become my ex-wife (she lived in a rustic creekside house in the swamp county where I was stationed) she'd often bring me down to her mother's condo in Aventura. (Link is only to the condo, not her specific unit.) Wow, was that a different world!

We didn't park our car when we'd drive up -- we left it with a valet who'd do that for us. We'd go in through a brassy-glassy lobby, after the doorman had ascertained our worthiness to enter. The lifts radiated elegance, as did the condo's resto, and the multiple pool-o's, and spa-o...

It was a life which I had not before dipped my toe into. I didn't feel worthy at first, like I was a poseur in this upper-class world. The places the ex's family frequented around Miami beach were similarly above my league. But in time, I began to feel like I fit in. It was great practice for the places tha the new Mrs. bukko and I stay in Switzerland and France...


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