April 03, 2009


Fake Faith and Epic Crimes:
"My pre-disposition was to believe that Mr. Blair was deluded, but sincere in his belief. After considerable reading and much reflection, however, my final conclusion is that Mr. Blair deliberately and repeatedly misled Cabinet, the British Labour Party and the people in a number of respects. It is not possible to hold that he was simply deluded but sincere: a victim of his own self-deception. His deception was deliberate."


Bukko_in_Australia said...

I was about to quip "What an honour! The suck-uppy-ness of Australian journalism gets a mention in an ICH piece." But Pilger's an Aussie, isn't he? So no wonder he's privy to what the local fawners have to say about Tony.

I remember just after Sept. 11, how I admired B-liar for his speeches that had a clear moral vision and eloquent language, in contrast to America's mumble-mouthed monkey. By the time the attack on the Babylon Oil Colony rolled around, I had become disenchanted. Now I view him as a smarter version of Bush.

My question is, "What is it about power that corrupts these people?" Case in point -- last night, the Mrs. and I were watching a late-night show on ABC with Elvis Costello (the good Costello!) playing music and interviewing famous people. Last night, it was Bill Clinton. The ground rules of the interview were apparently that it had to stick to music (Clinton was a sax player, of course). But E.C. still managed to slip in a couple questions that allowed B.C. to reflect on Bush and Nixon.

The Clenis had nothing bad to say about either one of these mass-murdering monsters. In fact, he was slightly on the praiseful side of deferential. Is there something about being admitted to the Big Boy's Club -- secret knowledge? a brain implant? -- that makes you give up your morality? I mean, to not even bag NIXON?!?

G. said...

Blair was in bed with the right wing of the Labor Party. Why the hell would anyone join the UK Labor party and support the right wing?

One most suppose that he was only ever along for the ego ride...

A few years in prison should bring him back to reality.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Why the hell would anyone join the UK Labor party and support the right wing?

Prolly for the same reason as they join the Right faction of Labor here -- because the right always identifies a progressive cause that the populace supports, then worms its operatives into it slowly and takes it over from the inside. Same thing that's happened to the "Democratic Party" in the U.S.


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