April 01, 2009

Stupid Stupid Stupid

If you wanted to create a confrontation in order to demonize anyone who opposes you, then I guess London would be the place to do it. Former Mayer Ken Livingstone said they should be holding the G20 meeting in Gleneagles, where security would be comparatively simple and inexpensive.

You have to wonder, do they want a solution to the world's financial crisis, or do they want blood on the streets?

G20 protestors converging on London

It is the biggest security operation in British history for the world leaders meeting which is the largest of its kind since the post World War II meeting of powers in 1946.

OTOH, media outnumbered protesters today outside Bank station... Ho hum? Or hold on?

Personally, I think the Masters of the Universe underestimate how much anger there is out there in the community. If they put Bush, Blair and Howard in jail tomorrow, surely that would go a long way to reassuring the masses, if not the markets.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Honestly, do you think that the leaders of the U.S., the U.K. and to a certain extent here, really give a stuff about public opinion? Canada too, because the opposition is so fragmented and wishy-washy. I'm being cynical but serious here.

The banking power structure controls both major parties in the other major English-speaking countries. It OWNS the government now in Kiwiland. The power structure owns the meeja. People can stage demos, but the power-owned meeja will focus on the police provocateurs who break windows and light rubbish bins, and that will become the public's image of anti-G20 protesters.

I don't see any social disruption unless the unemployment rate reaches 25% within a short time. If the power structure can slow the descent into collapse for a few years, 33% unemployment will be acceptable, because that will be the new "normal." As long as there's minimal free bread and televised circuses, I think the Anglophones will stay mostly placid and ignored.

Why should the power structure care about what the lumpenbloggers think? The powerful control the printing presses, both for the newspapers and the money supply.

G. said...

It all comes down to ego, doesn't it? The neocons are the best example, so full of themselves that even their compatriots are untermenschen, and anyone abroad is less than that, no more to be considered than an ant beneath your heal.

You wonder how a guy like Rudd feels as he starts getting used to all the diplomatic cavalcades, the world headlines, the handshakes at the palace, etc.

Similarly, bankers who make $1 million a week must laugh themselves stupid at punks like me who battle to feed their families. No wonder they have no respect for me, why would they? If I had any brains, I'd be just like them, right?


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