November 04, 2009

After Hanan Ashwari

Pilger awarded Sydney Peace Prize:
Pilger noted that in an essay in The Monthly magazine published not long before Mr Rudd became prime minister, he lauded the moral principles of the Good Samaritan and left no doubt that he believed refugees should not be treated the way Jews fleeing Nazi Germany were - that is, prevented from entering western countries, including Australia.

"But now Rudd says the diametric opposite: that his government would be `tough' on `illegal immigrants'. The term itself is a lie," he said.

"Refugees are not illegal - international law is clear on that. When are Australians going to speak out against this outrage being perpetrated in our name?"

Mr Pilger will deliver his Sydney Prize Lecture, titled Breaking the Australian Silence, at the Sydney Opera House on Thursday.


Bukko Boomeranger said...

Hey mate -- packers are here today; we fly out tomorrow. High-tech, cashed-up refugees, we are. I don't know how you'd categorise us: "I hate Australia" refugees? Only that just applies to Mrs. Bukko, not me. Damn, I hate to go. Your country is not perfect -- but what country is? I sure have enjoyed it these past four years. It's so easy here. My life will never be this good again. Best of luck. I'll be reading your blog from the other side, but it won't be quite the same...

Jaraparilla said...

Best of luck to you and the missus mate. If your wife is not happy, then you cannot be happy - a lesson all men learn!!!


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