November 16, 2009


Bruce Ivins sent samples of RMR-1029 to both Battelle and Dugway. Practically all of the science underlying Amerithrax now being reviewed by the National Academy of Sciences is about matching the genetic fingerprint of the attack anthrax to that of RMR-1029. Given that both Battelle and Dugway had RMR-1029, Battelle and Dugway are no less incriminated than Bruce Ivins by the science underlying Amerithrax.

That the FBI has engaged in cover-up in its Amerithrax investigation is readily apparent. This memorandum addresses the urgent matter of what it is that is being covered up...
I posted the following comment at ICH:
Great work, Barry. These anthrax attacks really have demonstrated a most extraordinary level of official incompetence on multiple levels, including the FBI's bungled attempts to pretend to be mounting a serious investigation. If they are going to lie to us, they should at least TRY to make the lies semi-plausible.

More importantly, the fact that nobody in Washington DC or the US media is prepared to mount a ruthless exposure of these anthrax lies tells us everything we need to know about the USA today. Look at the simple logic:

1. The anthrax attacks were an inside job.

2. The FBI and the Bush administration covered up the truth.

3. The Obama administration is not interested in further investigations, even though two top Democrats were targetted.


4. The US military-industrial complex is now as powerful as, or more powerful than, both major parties in the US government. Effectively, it controls the government.


5. The US military-industrial complex and major political parties are prepared to engineer false reasons for more wars, including targetting US citizens.

Horrifying stuff, but unarguably TRUE!


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