July 28, 2004

The Australian Becomes The American Becomes The Israeli Zionist

The Murdoch-owned (ahem!) "Australian" newspaper's lead story today shows how segements of the media (and politics) in this country are being controlled by the same oil-hungry cabal that brought Bush to power.

The corrupt Howard government would prefer East Timor to survive on Aid programs rather than have access to oil reserves within its own waters. Latham promises to review the strong-arm deal which the East Timorese have been pressured to accept. How can this possibly be "threatening the tiny country's economic future"? The whole premise of the article is a lie.

Equally disgraceful, in the same paper today, is Janet Albrechtson's "Danger Zone" article. The very idea that the UN has an "anti-Israel bias" is ridiculous. To further say that the UN "has a long history of legitimising terrorism" is the ugliest form of hysterical Zionism.

I no longer read the Murdoch press. I just monitor it. If their journalists had an integrity at all they would resign in protest.

"The Australian"? Not likely! The paper should be called "The Bush-Murdoch-Sharon Daily Propagandist".

Utterly disgusting. Please send a letter to tell the editors at The Australian know what you think of such crap.

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