July 21, 2004

Unfair and Unbalanced

As Robert Greenwald's film "Outfoxed" generates controversy and acclaim, the Independent Media Institute and MoveOn.org have filed a legal challenge to the "Fair and Balanced" trademark held by Rupert Murdoch's partisan Fox News network.

Wes Boyd of MoveOn.org announced the move to a crwod of more than 30,000 people (plus Web watchers) at organized "house parties" across the USA:

"Fox News... is Enemy #1 in the undermining of democracy - they're partisan, they're bullies, they lie, they'll do anything for a buck, they don't even know what journalism is, and then they claim to be 'Fair and Balanced.' So we're going after Fox. This is just the beginning of a campaign to rebrand Fox 'Unfair and Unbalanced,' so that people know what they're watching. This campaign is a warning to any other media outlets, if they're thinking that the Fox model is something to copy. It isn't. Try journalism instead. Try serving the public interest."

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