July 21, 2004

Bush's Legacy: 1,000 Dead US Soldiers

"I'm an editor at a group of private newspapers that serve the military community. We publish Army Times, Air Force Times, Marine Corps Times and Navy Times. We're the largest non-government source of news about the military for the military...

There are many in the military deeply unhappy with the way the war in Iraq is going... President Bush has promised to keep 138,000 American troops in Iraq for some unknown time. This is straining the American armed forces, some would say to the breaking point.

We are pulling troops out of Korea to send to Iraq. We've called back to active duty soldiers who'd thought they'd finished their service. We even shipped out soldiers from the ceremonial "Old Guard." These are soldiers whose last duty was guarding the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It would be like the British sending Beefeaters to Iraq...

This week we reached a grim milestone - the 1,000th American death supporting combat operations in the wake of 9/11.

The men and women who built this well-crafted war machine feel like the mechanic at the Maserati shop. He watches a rich owner drive his $250,000 high performance car flat out for months without changing the oil.

Driven that hard even a Maserati will break. "

Read the full story: The power of the armed forces.

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