August 20, 2004

Gandhi Embraces Evil Capitalism!

Just to prove that I am not a complete Commie Pinko All-property-is-theft Trotskyist Revolutionary Zealot, I have set up...

Gandhi's Wish List!!!

Well, I have been working on this blog for about a year and a half now. And it has been a real personal eye-opener, let me tell you! But my marketing skills are obviously very poor or I would have been able to build a bigger fan base. I mean, nobody even posts a comment in my Guest Book. How crappolo is that eh?

But I do put a fair bit of time into this blog, even - sometimes - at the expense of my family and work commitments (sorry to say). If there are any mysterious benefactors lurking out there who would like to see this effort rewarded - aside from getting Bush & Co out of office, of course - well... it would not be un-appreciated!

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