August 31, 2004

More Wolves Behaving Like Sheep...

Isn't it amazing what the prospect of elections (and the lure of real power) can do to people who have long been advocating, using and encouraging violence?

Just as former terrorist and CIA frontman Iyad Allawi has announced an "amnesty" for insurgents in Iraq, the Fadhil brothers at Iraq The Model have announced an "amnesty" and are allowing all banned bloggers to return to their site, which has now received a million hits as much-publicized example of "proof" that ordinary Iraqis support Bush's crusade.

What's more, in an effort to cash in on their fame, two of the Fadhil boys have set up their own political party, the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party (it even has its own Arab-English website).

So now it's time to distance themselves from their CIA handlers, not to mention the Iraqi Governing Council they once so strongly supported, and try to win some votes from ordinary Iraqis who predominantly dislike the USA.

Here's Ali's best effort at distancing himself from everything he and his brothers ever said:
...we should be more objective, but the problem is that we found ourselves in the middle of fierce anti-war propaganda that wants Iraq desperately to fail just to prove that America was wrong. Thus we seem to have gone rather far in our support for America's policy as well as the interim Iraqi government and I'd like to say that this was not our intention when we started this blog.

It's very hard to remain objective when you are in the middle of a war and when all your dreams and hopes are being seriously threatened everyday. However, I realize that we must have gone far in our unquestioned support for the American administration and I'll try my best to put this in mind in the future and be as objective as I can.

To continue the animal analogies, can the leopard change his spots?

The level of debate in the ITM blog comments certainly shows no sign of improvement, and I seriously doubt that ordinary Iraqis will knowingly support people who so thoughtlessly embraced every aspect of the US invaders' agenda.

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