August 20, 2004

A Message To The Future

"Your history has probably recorded this time as a dark and chaotic age, characterized by brutal terrorism, wars, fear, starvation and exploitation. Money has become more important than human life, and we continue to systematically pollute and destroy the environment that sustains our life. We are confused after centuries of mistakes, wrong choices, and misplaced trust. We have only ourselves to blame for the leaders we allow to wage war, for the banks we allow to own us, for the corporations we allow to destroy our planet, and for the fundamental religions we allow to lead us away from God and from who we are.

I hope that in your future, the ordinary people will have reclaimed our world, our destiny and our humanity. This story is written to encourage the will of ordinary people to prevail over the greed of a few power-hungry politicians and bankers..."

An Ordinary View of Extra-Ordinary Times

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