February 22, 2005

Howard Digs His Nose In Deeper

Bush's international coalition in Iraq is wilting into nothing following the Jan 30 elections, which signalled withdrawal time for many nations. Now Australian PM John Howard seizes the opportunity for some high-profile brown-nosing - whether the Australian taxpayers like it or not. Here's the latest: Australia steps up Iraq commitment.

Alan Moir's cartoons capture the popular sentiment beautifully.

UPDATE: Tim Dunlop has a complete list of printed lies from John Howard, Paul McGeogh questions the PM's rationale for the backflip, while Margo Kingston keeps hammering away at the doors of common sense and decency.

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Wadard said...

And the little opportunistic shrub scumbag claims it's because Japan asked him, and the UK asked him - wouldn't have anything to do witht he fact that he is the douche bag of the US President, would it.

Send his dodgy son to Iraq, I say ... there is a good sue of taxpayers money.


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