February 03, 2005

US To Stay In Iraq Forever

Follow the logic, if you can:

"We will not set an artificial timetable for leaving Iraq," says Bush, "because that would embolden the "terrorists" and make them believe they can wait us out."

(Leave aside the question of whether the people attacking US forces in Iraq today are really "terrorists." Bush and his gang repeat that lie so often that nobody even questions it any more. )

It's nearly two years since the USA invaded. They still can't even get the electricity and water functioning in Bagdhad, let alone secure oil pipelines or provide security for citizens around the country. Nobody wants them in the country except those who are profiting from their presence. But they can't even talk about leaving?

"We're not talking about an exit strategy, " said senior Bush adviser Dan Bartlett told NBC television. "We're talking about a strategy for success in Iraq."

Whose success? That's the question.

The insurgency in Iraq is growing, not failing. At this rate, by Bush's own logic, the USA will never leave.

And maybe that was the plan all along.

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