February 06, 2005

US PsyOps: Your Money At Work

Moving beyond mere CIA blogs, the US militay is now paying journalists paid to write propaganda for military Web sites.
The Web sites are examples of what the military calls “information operations,” or programs designed to influence public opinion by countering what the Pentagon considers to be misinformation or lies that circulate in the international news media. The Pentagon’s use of the Web sites has raised questions about blurring the lines between legitimate news and what some would call government propaganda.
An investigation has been set up by Donald Rumsfeld's people, so we can expect full disclosure in about 30 years or more.

That's how long it took to discover that Adolph Eichmann's Nazi assistants were recruited and employed by the Central Intelligence Agency after World War II.
The revelations cast a negative light not only on American intelligence activity but also the U.S. Army's conduct in Germany at the conclusion of the war. The military made efforts to recruit members of the SS and the Gestapo into its ranks despite simultaenously waging a campaign of de-Nazification over vanquished Germany, a process which included arresting and trying Nazi war criminals.

The documents also reveal in great detail CIA efforts to recruit Reinhard Gehlen, who was the Wermacht's chief intelligence officer for the eastern front during the war.
Click here for the full National Security Archives release. Makes the current Bush dynasty's use of White House news conferences as staged GOP public relations events seem like small change by comparison, doesn't it? I suspect there is much more embarrassing intelligence still to come from the post-WWII archives, especially with respect to the Bush dynasty's connections to the early CIA under Allen Dulles.

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