October 20, 2005

The Knives Are Out... !

Rove stabs Libby in the back! Ouch! Take that, bitch!

If I were Pat Fitzgerald, I think I would ask for an extension. At this rate, the GOP will utterly demolish itself before any new extension expires. I don't know if Fitzgerald is doing it on purpose, but his current modus operandi is proving extremely productive. Bravo!

The Bush GOP leadership, which has always ruled by fear and intimidation, is itself now afraid and intimidated. Given what a tight ship Fitzgerald is running, the GOP's spontaneous leaks and rumours are providing us with fresh insights on a daily basis. The results are fascinating, as much for their public demonstration of the worst aspect of human nature as for their daily exposure of the worst aspects of Bush politics.

Of course, in all the excitement about RoveGate and Miller's jail time and Libby's poetic literature, it's easy to lose sight of the big picture.

They key issue here, as Newsweek reminds us, is "whether the administration accurately represented the nature of what the U.S. intelligence community knew, and didn’t know, about Saddam Hussein’s weapons programs before the nation went to war". Well, actually, no - it's not "whether", because anyone who has been paying attention (hellooooo Newsweek editors!) already knows that the Bush neocons did NOT accurately represent information from the CIA and other intelligence services. They cherry-picked it and manipulated it and delicately packaged it for public consumption.

The key issue, really, is whether these bastards will be caught out in their lies, forced to face a pre-9/11 version of US justice (if it still exists), and sent off to prison.

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mikevotes said...

There's been some anecdotal evidence that Fitzgerald might have already asked for an extension. He met with the judges involved when could he could have sought an extension.

Of course, he also could have been asking for other exceptions, clarification on classified material or almost anything else.

But, if the recent reports of "cooperative witnesses" turning are true, an extension would certainly be in order.


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