October 20, 2005

Not Our Land, Not Our War

Kristina M. Gronquist says Bush's illegal war based on lies must be ended now:
We need to challenge the notion that Western, predominantly Caucasian/Christian U.S. citizens have any right at all to call the shots about what the future of the Iraqi people should be. We did not have that right initially when we went to war in violation of international law, and we do not we have that right now either...

From our armchairs, our meeting halls, our coffee shops, and our comfortable bomb-free environments, we have absolutely no preordained mandate to determine the future of Iraq. If it was not our right in 2002, before the war—as millions marched in opposition—how is it acceptable now in 2005 to try to determine Iraq's future? Those who are stating that U.S. troops need to pull out slowly, in a year, or two (or more) in order to "save Iraq" from itself insult the dignity and intelligence of the Arab and Muslim world, which does not need our interference in their affairs and can determine their futures on their own.

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