August 31, 2006

Bush's Ekkerleklic Reading

The Huffington Post has video of Bush being asked about reading Camus. He is on MSNBC, seemingly in New Orleans.

The body language was very interesting.

When asked about Camus, Bush starts laughing. Then he starts shifting his feet and puts a hand on his belt buckle. Then he gets aggressive, cutting off the reporter. His eyes start shifting around, and his hand starts sweeping through the air. It's almost as if he is making up a lie as he goes along! Imagine that!

Bush said "Mark" recommended the book to him. Anyone got some idea who that might be?

Bush bragged that he "also read three Shakespeares" (maybe he said "three of Shakespeare's" [books] but that Texan drawl blurred it?). He said Camus was "a coupla books ago" as if to say, "That's old history. Don't ask me any more questions about it." The reporter seemingly obliged.

I still don't believe he has read Camus L'Etranger. And if he did (it has become news, so maybe he had to, just as a precaution) I am sure he didn't understand it. Somebody should ask him about not just the plot, but also his thoughts on the philosophy behind it.

No seriously. The press should hammer him on this one. Did he really read the book? If he is really reading this many books, how does he find the time (I sure can't find it for myself)? And, um... wouldn't it be a good idea if future US Presidents got their education BEFORE they ran for office????

From the comments at HuffPo:
Three thousand innocent lives would have been spared if the dumb ass in charge would have read the August 6, 2001 memo entitled, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike United States."
And this:
Ahh, the American experience. It was great while it lasted....
For anyone who still does't know who Camus is, my previous (100% excellent - getting lots of hits) Bush Reads Camus post here.


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