August 25, 2006

"Who Dares Do More Is None"

So has Bush really read Albert Camus' L'Etranger? Has he read all other 59 books on his official reading list for this year, including both Macbeth and Hamlet?

Bob Cesca is sceptical:
President Bush is currently responsible for two ground wars; a crisis in Israel and Lebanon; a midterm election; a sagging housing market; the upcoming hurricane season; a laundry list of scandals; an on-going attempt to avoid coming off like a retarded frat-boy bully; and the day-to-day struggle to basically run the nation -- that is, pretend to run the nation. Looking back on 2006, he's faced numerous other critical events at home and abroad including gas prices, immigration, the Dubai ports deal, the Plame investigation, and his vice president shooting a lawyer in the face.

Yet, he's somehow found time to read not one, not five, not 20, but 60 books this year alone....
Keep in mind that Dubya has been on vacation for one full year out of his six years in office. Keep in mind that he told world leaders at the G8 summit that he had to leave early coz he had something real important to do back home... Nah, I still can't believe he actually reads much, if at all.


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