August 21, 2006

Yo Want Another 50 Years Of This Crap?

I sure don't! Australia's wannabe PM gently introduces the nation to the Orwellian language of US wingnuts:
Mr Costello said a free society must be prepared to defend itself against the threat of terrorism.

"There are, unfortunately, terrorists who would rather see Australia as some kind of islamo-fascist state," he said. "They are prepared to do us ill. These people do not always come from overseas. There are people that are born in Australia who, for whatever reason, have been infected with terrorist ideology; who have trained to give themselves the capacity to do us and our society ill."

People who came to Australia should show their loyalty by respecting the rights of others, showing tolerance to others and by respecting Australian law he said.
By his own criteria, his government is miserably un-Australian. If Costello, Howard and their fellow Liberal elites are not prepared to "share our values" then they should do exactly what they always tell others to do - leave Australia!

Meanwhile, Howard says blames rising interest rates on petrol prices, but then refuses to blame the Iraq War debacle for the rising petrol prices. Then he says rising interest rates are not to blame for the housing bubble - the left-wing state governments are to blame for not releasing more land to developers! You can't have it both ways - unless you can.


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