August 23, 2006


The shit hits the fan in post-war Israel as police raid the Israeli president's home:
Katsav is the latest in a line of leaders to be clouded in scandal in recent weeks, adding to the sense of despair felt after the 34-day war against Hizbollah that ended last week. The army and government have been widely criticised for the handling of the war, in which 119 soldiers and 39 civilians were killed, and the military failed to dismantle the Lebanese group.

Army chief Dan Halutz has come under fire for selling his stock portfolio in the hours preceding the war, while Israel's State Comptroller is looking into a Jerusalem property deal involving Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

This week, Justice Minister Haim Ramon, a key Olmert ally, resigned to face accusations that he improperly kissed an 18-year-old female soldier. Tzahi Hanegbi, another prominent member of Olmert's Kadima party, was informed earlier this week he would be charged with fraud, bribery and perjury.


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