August 31, 2006

CNN Calls Bushshit on GOP "Fascism"

Whoo hoo! CNN says the new GOP buzzword is "Fascism":
White House aides and outside Republican strategists said the new description is an attempt to more clearly identify the ideology that motivates many organized terrorist groups, representing a shift in emphasis from the general to the specific.
Err... how does totally mis-representing the enemy (whoever that is these days) help to "clearly identify" anything?

We have to call them out on this, folks.

The anti-Western terrorist agenda has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH FASCISM!!!!

It is not just irresponsible but also dangerous to mis-represent Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in this manner.

Are they so stupid that they don't know what "Fascism" really means? Any reporters wanna hit Snow, Bush et al with a few history questions?

Or do they not really believe in their own self-professed "war" on terrorism?

Has the whole thing just been one big long political sham?

They are now trying to change the English language to suit their own partisan poliltical purposes:
While "fascism" once referred to the rigid nationalistic one-party dictatorship first instituted in Italy, it has "been used very loosely in all kinds of ways for a long time," said Wayne Fields, a specialist in presidential rhetoric at Washington University in St. Louis.

"Typically, the Bush administration finds its vocabulary someplace in the middle ground of popular culture. It seems to me that they're trying to find something that resonates, without any effort to really define what they mean," Fields said.
Bush Boy Charles Black says use of the word Fascist is OK because "it helps dramatize what we are up against."

Why not just call them "Aliens" ..or "Paedophiles" ... or "Girly Men"?Heck, why not just call them "Commies"?

Mind you, CNN made sure to stick in the "fair and balanced" bit:
After all, the hard-line Iranian newspaper Jomhuri Eskami did just that in an editorial last week blasting Bush's "Islamic fascism" phrase. It called Bush a "21st century Hitler" and British Prime Minister Tony Blair a "21st century Mussolini."
A pity CNN didn't see fit to examine these Iranian claims a bit more closely.

The real Fascists are in the White House these days, folks.


Anonymous said...

Hope you and the family are well.

Politics, religion, money,..(yuck!)
One way or another they'll be purged from this rock.


thepoetryman said...

"You can't fool all of the people all of the time, but you can fool some of the people all of the time - and they're the ones you've gotta concentrate on!"

Sums up the Bush regime's mentality to a T!

I'll follow dougman's line and hope you're well...


gandhi said...

Thanks, guys, I am fine.

I has a bad flu that went through the whole family, that's all.

Of course, I am still mentally unhinged... But I blame Bush & Co for that!


Wadard said...

I notice thatsome Australian right-wing commentators like Piers Ackerman and Miranda Devine are using the term Islamofascist as well.

gandhi said...

Aussie wingnuts definitely drink all the US Koolaid they can get their hands on - it's the secret of their success. Actually, I could do a whole long post on how the USA-ification of Australia under Howard has permeated OZ politics as well as culture...

gandhi said...

Check out some of the comments here for a perspective on how Oz politics follows the US line.


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