August 31, 2008

Is Murdoch Pulling The Rug?

Check out the feature article at today. It's a MarketWatch article in Murdoch's WSJ, but it's not that paper's usual fare:
Yes, America's economy is a war economy. Not a "manufacturing" economy. Not an "agricultural" economy. Nor a "service" economy. Not even a "consumer" economy.

Seriously, I looked into your eyes, America, saw deep into your soul. So let's get honest and officially call it "America's Outrageous War Economy." Admit it: we secretly love our war economy. And that's the answer to Jim Grant's thought-provoking question last month in the Wall Street Journal -- "Why No Outrage?"

There really is only one answer: Deep inside we love war. We want war. Need it. Relish it. Thrive on war. War is in our genes, deep in our DNA. War excites our economic brain. War drives our entrepreneurial spirit. War thrills the American soul. Oh just admit it, we have a love affair with war. We love "America's Outrageous War Economy."
The author details how trillions of dollars are wasted by opportunistic warmongers, and how the US public cheers it on even as they get taken for a financial ride. What's even more interesting, however, is the closing paras:
Comments? Tell us: What will it take to wake up America, get citizens, investors, anybody mad at "America's Outrageous War Economy?"

Why don't you rebel? Will the outrage come too late ... after this massive war bubble explodes in our faces?
Provocative stuff for the staid WSJ! And as I write, there are 997 comments already posted.

Sooner or later somebody like Murdoch is going to realise that you can make money by selling this story. But that would mean pulling the rug on the War Machine. And despite appearances, I don't think Murdoch is ready to do that.

Articles like this are just in the paper for what they call "colour" (I wouldn't be surprised if it's not even in the print edition). They generate debate, score lots of hits, and drive revenue. Then, when critics say the WSJ is a rightwing warmonger's propaganda tool, Murdoch can point to articles like this to argue against them. But you are not meant to take it seriously.

Maybe the WSJ wants to trigger a few antiwar riots ahead of the coming election?

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

It's like saying "America has a sports economy." Bastards like that have no idea what war is like. Neither do I, because I haven't lived through one, but I'm not giddy over the prospect. These shitheads DESERVE to have an economic collapse and intenecine warfare a la Yugoslavia. Except I can't think that, because there are a lot of good, peaceful people in the U.S. who DON'T deserve it. But what it it with lots of people -- including the ones who write idiotic TV shows about characters who aren't remotely connected with normal human behaviour -- that they have no comprehension of reality? Are so many people THAT far removed from actual life?


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