August 25, 2008

Shaking The Tree

Possums Pollytics moves to

Meanwhile, still in Oz, PM wannabe Malcolm Turnbull is revealed as the man who trashed The Goanna's bid to take control of Fairfax in 1991:
The meeting between Mr Turnbull and Mr Westerway took place in Mr Westerway's car in a quiet North Sydney street, the program says.

The notes confirmed Mr Packer's plans to exercise control over Fairfax, breaching cross-media ownership rules, if the consortium won its bid.

Fairfax publishes The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald newspapers.

The notes gave the tribunal the knowledge it needed to subpoena the originals, forcing Mr Packer to withdraw from the bid two days later.

Sydney University media academic Rod Tiffen told Four Corners the notes "showed that Packer was lying" about his planned role in Fairfax.

Mr Turnbull's actions "helped Australian democracy - it stopped Packer getting control of Fairfax", he said, adding, "we'll never know" what Mr Turnbull's motives were.

Mr Turnbull declined to confirm the story to the ABC.
Gosh, a media baron wanting full editorial control of his newspapers. Who would have believed such crazy conspiracy theory nonsense could be true?

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