August 26, 2008

Joe Biden: "I am a Zionist"

Via Information Clearing House.

Justin Raimondo at highlights a few other major issues (like you didn't already know):
Biden has been one of the War Party's most reliable servants... This earned him the approbation of John McCain, who, on April 11, 1999, declared to Tim Russert on Meet the Press: "We need Joe Biden for secretary of state." An astounded Russert asked: "Is that an offer by President McCain?" McCain replied: "Absolutely!"

McCain wasn't joking, and his comments underscore the essential unity of Washington's bipartisan foreign policy consensus, which is firmly anchored in an interventionist outlook, a militarist mindset that assumes unlimited American power and a position of unchallenged preeminence.
Personally, as weird as it sounds, I think Biden is about the BEST CHOICE that Obama could have made, given where Obama himself is coming from. I mean, he's gotta pick a high profile Dem who can help him win the White House - who else is he gonna pick???? Dennis Kucinich? Imagine the media reaction to that!

As Raimondo confesses:
I did have some hope in Obama, in the beginning, I'll admit it, but that has quickly dissipated into a sinking feeling that the War Party – already shifting away from a focus on Iraq, and taking up a new campaign to target Vladimir Putin's Russia – is way ahead of us on that front and has all its bases covered.

Yes, I know, it's depressing. We all want change, especially when it comes to our war-crazed foreign policy, yet it doesn't at all look as though we're going to get it, come November, much to my regret. So, what now?
What now? We cross our fingers and hope that Obama/Biden '08 is not as bad as it sounds, or (God help us) that a President McCain is not as bad as it sounds, and...?

We push on.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Even moreso than being an agent of the War Party, Biden is a minion of the Corporate Party. He's from Delaware, and as you are no doubt aware, that was the tiny state that held most of the U.S. corporate headquarters (before they all moved to Dubai.) He's voted in favour of some of the most regressive pro-business legislation like the 2005 bankruptcy "reform" law that made it almost impossible for average people to discharge their debts. (And which conspiracy theorists think was done with knowledge that the debt-dependent economy was going to crash, so they wanted Big Biz to be able to stick it to borrowers even more.) Picking Biden is a nod to corporate power that says "Don't worry. I'm not a reformer. I've got someone from your team right next to me."

Basically, there's no way an American politician will get anywhere unless he's approved by Big Biz. Reformers get jeered as UFO-sighting loonies, the way Kucinich did. It's better than being assassinated or beaten down the way it's done in Zimbabwe, but the end results are the same. The game doesn't change.

I still believe the rot in the American financial empire is so deep that the trunk is going to snap. Those dollars that Big Biz has been so busy stealing and creating out of thin air will be defaulted upon. That's when the collapse comes, and things will be remade. But it's going to be hell when it falls, and many will die. So sad because it was so unnecessary.


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