November 03, 2008

24 Hours To Go

And (surprisingly, perhaps) still no surprise.

FAUX News is quoting a WSJ poll saying the gap is narrowing. Does the surprise come when the election results are tallied?

Or did the fat cats in the corporate boxes long ago decide to cut their losses and let their B team win for a while?

Right now, early morning USA time, the intertubes seem strangely quiet. I think everyone is wrecked.

I know I am, and the world is. Just six percent of Australians think that eight years of Bush has been good for the world. I wonder what their average income is, or their average IQ?

Perhaps I should have more to say right now, and perhaps I will have something to say later. But right now, the early morning silence seems as delightfully pleasant as the late evening quiet here in Australia. Peace is a beautiful thing.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

I vote for corporations letting the B Team win, to preserve the illusion of democracy. Mustn't let the sheeple think they're in a pen. And what better way to enrage the righter-wing ones, make them fight harder against the centrist ones, keep the sheep bleating at each other whilst the wolves keep fleecing them and picking off the weak ones?

gandhi said...

I just hope that Obama can be one of those characters that develop and change during the course of the narrative.

6:00 am on the EAst Coast and there are already hundreds of people queueing to vote. That's a mandate for real change right there.


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