November 05, 2008

Obama Wins

I called in back on January 7th:
I think Obama will go all the way, and I'm not sure that is a bad
thing. Sure, he has sucked up to the pro-Israeli lobby and he is being
very careful what he says about a whole host of issues including
withdrawal from Iraq. But as with Rudd, there is a sense that nobody
really knows for sure what an Obama Administration might be like.
Hillary Clinton said voting for Obama was like crossing your fingers
and rolling the dice - but I think that's exactly what the people of
the USA want to do right now. What have they got to lose, right?
And special mention to Bukko for his perceptive comment at the time, which I have often quoted:
That's it! "Obama, the black Rudd"...!
Yes, yes, I know he's still part of the establishment and all that. But it's a step in the right direction, and I feel good about it. I fully expect to be disappointed by President Barack Hussein Obama, but I'm hopeful I could be surprised.

There's more to write, but I am just too tired.


On second thoughts, waking up to a new day, maybe there is no more to say. And maybe that's a good thing. My work here is done. It should have been done four years ago, but never mind. And of course there is more work to be done, but not here on this blog.

I am closing this blog to comments, and calling it a day. It's been a hell of a ride. Thanks again to all, take care and farewell.

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