July 15, 2009

Become The Change You Want To See In The World

... but what if the change everybody wants to see is the disintegration of all these old lies and vile institutions?

I went to a football game last weekend where over 30,000 people booed the democratically elected state premier. It was illuminating.

Nobody likes politicians any more.

Nobody trusts newspapers.

People want change, but not the Barak Obama kind of change. And not violent change. Just change.

The answers, to most of us, seem obvious. Why should they be so hard to attain?

We don't really care which party is in power, just so long as they don't kill our children and stop screwing us over.


Stop Murdoch said...

Wow! Where was that game? Carrara perhaps?

G. said...

That was the Roar v. Celtic game at Suncorp stadium in Brisbane. Anna Bligh would have been glad to get off the pitch.

Funny thing is, the QLD Govt was sponsoring the match - Celtic wouldn't have even come to Austalia without govt money, so all the more reason the booing was embarrassing.

I saw a video of Obama throwing out a pitch at the baseball all stars game, and there were mostly cheers but still plenty of boos in that crowd too.


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