July 20, 2009



Bukko_in_Australia said...

Hard to tell what's audience noise from the show and what's from the classroom. Do you think the clapping as Yoo was scurrying toward he door was from the students? I wonder if they were applauding the legalistic cockroach for his aplomb as he scuttled from the room? I'd look at it again to see what kind of scummy uni students would sign up to take a course from this war criminal, but I don't want to waste my time on such shite.

As several commenters on the YouTube page said, "Too bad it takes an Aussie comedy team to confront an American crimes against humanity abuser." F@ck America. It really should die. Maybe something better will take its place.

G. said...

Seemed pretty clear to me that the students were on Yoo's side, it was just some canned laughter at the end that made that questionable. Plus maybe some nervous laughter from students with guilty consciences...

A generation of swine.


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