July 26, 2009

We Need To Toughen Anti-Terror Laws!

Yes, we need to make sure that the lying bastards in government are all locked up for terrorizing the planet LO! these many years... Let's make the laws so tough that anyone who says anything that strikes fear into the heart of anyone over the age of 4 gets locked away for good.

Sarcasm sparked by reading this bit from Your Democracy.

BTW I just spent two hours waiting for my youngest boy to see a doctor. He had a flu but was eager to see a doctor because he was scared it was swine flu. Or more to the point, was scared it was fatal (which is a very real fear for an 11-year-old and not something that should be readily encouraged). And yeah - two hours to see a doctor! Does Obama really want to copy our Medicare model? There MUST be a better way!

PS: Barak, if you are reading this blog (as your predecessors in the Oval Office did) I think the answer lies in Denmark. Or maybe the 1960s.

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