July 14, 2009


We all know Rudd can speak Mandarin, but can he speak English?

Rudd defends action on 'complex' Hu case - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
"This a complex case. Cases like this in the past have also exhibited complexity as well. We work our way through each of these as we work our way through consular cases around the world," he said.

"I don't intend to go to the details of those consular and diplomatic engagements at this stage. My interest to advance the interests of the individual concerned.

"We're working on a whole range of details on the case and at multiple levels. That is what you do in these circumstances."

Mr Rudd says Australia's economic relationship will be conducted on its own terms.

"A continued concern for all of us engaged with the China economic relationship is to make sure that the economic relationship is pursued in its own terms," he said.

"My view is that in the case of the Australian economic relationship we need to conduct that within its own terms.

"At the same time we will not shy away from making representations on behalf of individual Australian companies, on behalf of individual Australian citizens, or on the broader question of human rights concerns."

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