August 28, 2009

Late Friday Night News

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Federal police end probe into AWB scandal
The AFP, Victoria Police and the corporate regulator ASIC set up a task force in 2006 to consider possible prosecution for offences identified by the AWB Royal Commission.

But the AFP says a review has found there is limited chance of a successful criminal prosecution.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Last week in The Age's business section -- I love business sections, because I know the buzz phrases and codewords they use to lie about how bad things are, and I can pierce the veil of buillshit -- they wrote about how the AWB was backing put of its Brasilian operations at a loss of billions. AWB went in with the idea of transporting soyabeans, wheat and other grains OUT of Brasil, apparently. And they screwed up so badly that they're bailing, after going through bushels of money. Why the fuck was the AUSTRALIAN Wheat Board mucking around in Brasil?

When the "bribes for oil" scandal was bigtime, I was trying to find the historical reasons for why Oz has a wheat export monopoly. Something about protecting farmers from lowballing export pricers or something, is that what it was? What happened to all that? What I see is more corruption from a corporation that burrowed its way into the halls of power like a tick on a N.T. ox.


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