August 10, 2009

Why not, Barry?

You almost wonder whether an NYT editor put this bit into Frank Rich's otherwise excellent column:
He promised to smite them.

No president can do that alone, let alone in six months.

Obama has to take it to the people, tell them the truth, and throw a spotlight on all the corporate interests that are destroying the lives of US citizens.

Of course, they will kill him, but at least he will be a martyr.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Gandhi, maybe he doesn't want to. If you start looking at Obama as a "hedge fund Democrat" instead of the noble Martin Luther King you (and me too) would like him to be, then everything he's done is consistent. He's not someone who's going to overturn the table and say "Now we're playing by MY rules!" He's going to tinker with the edges, try to make the game better in small ways, but nothing radical.

As an example, I caught a clip of Obama on SBS World News last night responding to a batshit-insane question from a woman about "I've heard that old people will have to go to doctors and decide how they want to die under government health care." (Actually, her wording was even more wacko than that, but ICBB to look up the direct quote.) Mrs. Bukko, who was watching too, shouted at the telescreen "He should say 'That's ridiculous!'" But Obama gave a rambling, reasoned answer that drifted here and there, with no fire, something that would have been three paragraphs if it was on the printed page.

If he wanted to tell the truth to the people, he would do it with emotion. He would say "That's ridiculous" when he's faced with a ridiculous canard. But he doesn't, because that's not who he is. Not that he's afraid of being killed; he just believes in playing the game by the rules that have already been established.

There's no hope for the U.S. If there was, I would be saying to Mrs. B "If you're so keen on getting out of here, let's just go back to the place where we don't have to be immigrants, instead of a cold boring place like Canada." But America is going down, and it's likely to go down hard. Obama might be able to do something about that if he was what you want him to be; what he SHOULD be. But again, he isn't.

G. said...

I'm still not guessing who Obama is, Bukko. But if he doesn't step outside his comfort zone he's going to be toast anyway. The wingnuts are gearing up for widespread civil frenzy, the next election is going to be totally insane. Everyone is going to ask what happened to that "Change" Obama promised? Time is running out...

Seconds left on the clock, the ball goes to Barry Obama, who is trapped deep in the corner with five men on him. He shapes for the hook shot... A three pointer???


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